Member Spotlight

AND Member KenCrest is making their response to the COVID-19 pandemic a top priority in order to keep both staff and the people they support safe and healthy. In Delaware, several direct support professionals (DSPs) from the agency, which supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in community residential homes in Pennsylvania and Connecticut as well, received their COVID-19 vaccine this month. In one of the Delaware homes, every DSP asked for and received a vaccine to protect the three men who live there.

In another effort to share the facts about the vaccines, KenCrest’s CEO Marian Baldini participated in a 40-minute fireside chat with the “Twin Sister Docs” of Philadelphia. Dr. Elena McDonald and Dr. Delena Wardlaw educate black and LatinX communities on their health options and serve as a voice— locally and nationally—to address the specific needs for minority communities. Click here to watch a YouTube video as Baldini asks questions about the vaccines of these board-certified practicing physicians.