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The Ability Network of Delaware (A.N.D.) is the voice of disability service providers in Delaware.

Our constituents include 40 member organizations serving over 100,000 Delawareans: 80,000 individuals with disabilities and other life challenges, 40,000 parents, guardians, and family members, and the 5,000 staff members who support them. The state funds these A.N.D. agencies to provide 80% of the services provided by the state to Delawareans with disabilities. We advocate for a strong system of community-based care and broad implementation of services that will allow all people with disabilities to live more independent and productive lives.

A.N.D. is Delaware’s only membership association of private community organizations that provide services to people with disabilities.

Membership Opportunities

Community Provider Membership
Community provider membership is open to any organization that supports the purposes of the association and is actively serving as a provider of community services to persons with disabilities and other disadvantages. The organization must offer services in the state of Delaware.

Associate Membership
Associate membership is open to for-profit and nonprofit organizations that wish to support the purposes of the association. Associate members may have operations in Delaware and other states. Examples may include national organizations, or private businesses that employ individuals with disabilities.

Education/Advocacy Membership
Education/advocacy membership is available to organizations that focus solely on providing education, advocacy, and public information. These organizations must offer these services in the state of Delaware. Examples may include universities, colleges, and other agencies that provide advocacy.

If you are interested in applying for membership with A.N.D. please contact us. Determination of the appropriate membership and approval of membership is made by the executive committee of the A.N.D. board of directors.

Questions about membership with A.N.D.? Contact Carolyn Petrak, Associate Executive Director.