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Eric Rayfield

Eric is a Marine, who swore an oath to safeguard the rights of all people to live, work and learn in their communities. Upon his return, Eric was diagnosed with a heart and lung disorder. Unfortunately, the rigors of running the restaurant he owned and managed proved to be too physically demanding on Eric’s weakened heart, and he was forced to sell his ownership in the business and seek employment in a role less taxing on his body.

Then Eric found DePaul Industries, which identified a role for him as a food service supervisor at the Governor Bacon Health Center, through the Ability Network of Delaware (A.N.D.) temporary employment service contract with the state. Two months later, Eric parlayed his temporary job into long-term regular employment at Governor Bacon, where he oversees the dietary operations for the patients at the health center. Eric’s story exemplifies the stories of countless others who have obtained regular employment at the state, through collaboration between A.N.D. and its partners. Eric was our guest speaker at the March 2016 launch of the new A.N.D. brand. Eric addressed over 60 guests including Delaware Governor Jack Markell and A.N.D. members and clients. Congratulations Eric!

Berny Raymond

Twice a year, Delaware Transit Corporation (DART) looks to the Ability Network of Delaware (A.N.D.) to assess passenger ridership data to secure millions of federal dollars that are necessary to sustain the public transportation operations in Delaware. When A.N.D. was tasked with conducting the “Summer Resort Passenger Sampling Project,” they turned to the Georgetown office of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to identify dependable individuals to deliver the data required to obtain this important funding.

With the assistance of Stacey Bragg, an employment specialist with VR, A.N.D. was able to onboard five VR clients as DART customer ride checkers. These folks were responsible for riding DART buses to assess the number of passengers who ride the bus on particular routes during the peak travel season in the beach areas. One ride checker was especially diligent in his duties.

Berny Raymond emerged as an essential asset on this project. Berny recently obtained his degree in accounting from Delaware Tech, but without real-world work experience, Berny struggled to get a job. Once he learned of the opportunity to participate in this project, he enthusiastically agreed to lend a hand in support of DART and was immediately hired by A.N.D. After the first week of the project, it was clear that Berny was a top producer and could be depended upon to deliver consistently accurate ridership reports.

As a result of Berny’s experience on the project, he was able to obtain a position as an associate at Dollar General near his home in Millsboro. Berny is building the real-world work experience necessary to position himself as a professional, energetic and detail-oriented entry-level accountant.