$5,363,842 total wages earned! 476,499 total hours worked! $11.26 average hourly wage!

Those are the remarkable numbers that represent the success of the 2017 State of Delaware’s commitment to employing individuals with disabilities. The Ability Network of Delaware’s State Use Law program, under the guidance of the State Use Law Commission, is able to place hundreds of adult Delawareans with disabilities and other life challenges in meaningful employment opportunities throughout the State of Delaware.

In 2016 the national unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities was 10.5% compared to 4.6% for those without a disability. It is not only socially responsible to give this often marginalized population the opportunity to contribute to society while providing meaningful employment it is also good business. In addition to diversifying your workforce when you employ persons with disabilities, you are also saving on government entitlements those without work would be drawing from.

Each year, with the assistance of the State Use Law Commission, A.N.D. is proud to report on the previous year’s accomplishments and achievements of our members and the individuals they support in their employment endeavors with a report to the Governor. Click here to read the State Use Annual Report to the Governor for 2017. To learn more about the Ability Network of Delaware’s State Use Program visit our website.